First-time Pool Owner: The First 5 Things You Should Do

So you bought a house with a pool. Now what? If you’re a first-time pool owner and the realization that you have no idea what you’re doing is setting in DON’T PANIC! We’ve got you covered. Here are the first five things you should do with your brand new, soon-to-be awesome swimming pool.

Step 1: Remove Debris

Really the first step is to breathe. Together, we’ve got this! Before you do any other pool maintenance, you’ll need to remove the debris. This is a task you’ll need to do at least once a week. The best tool to remove surface debris will be a net skimmer. That’s the pool tool that looks like an oversized butterfly net. With the net skimmer, you’ll be able to remove any fallen leaves, insects, and other debris. Double-check that your pool filter is not operating while you’re completing this task. If your filter grabs some of that debris, you’ll need to open it and clean it out.

Step 2: Remove Pool Algae and Sediment

Depending on how long the pool pump hasn’t been running there may be a little or a lot of scum, algae, and sediment build-up on your new pool. The longer your new house was on the market, or the less the previous owners maintained it, the more gunk there will be. You’ll get a great arm workout during this part. 

You’ll want to use a consistent pattern while brushing. This will make sure you don’t miss any spots during the pool maintenance. Stairs are a great place to start because they’re usually further away from your pool pump. Push the brush, don’t pull it. Make sure you’re pushing any pool algae or sediment towards the pool drain. After you brush your pool stairs, go ahead and move on to the sides of the pool. You’ll wrap up this part of your pool maintenance by cleaning the bottom of your pool. 

Step 3: Pool Vacuuming

Once you get all that debris and sediment cleared up out of your new swimming pool, you’ll need to vacuum. A pool vacuum is able to pick up any debris that has settled on the bottom where your net skimmer can’t reach. You have a choice of a manual pool vacuum or a robotic pool vacuum. A robotic cleaner is great for light maintenance, but you’ll want a manual vacuum for heavier lifting. 

Assemble your pool vacuum by attaching the vacuum head to the telescoping pole. Then connect the hose to the vacuum head and the other end to your pool skimmer. The pool skimmed is in your filter. Take off the skimmer basket first. Choose your filter valve setting and then get to work! Once you’re done, remember to change the valve setting back. You’ll want to repeat this process once a week to help prevent algae growth.

Step 4: Pool Water Chemistry

Chemistry sounds a lot scarier than it is. We promise! Once you’ve got your pool cleaning done, it’s the perfect time to test the pool’s pH levels, alkalinity, and sanitizer levels. Here are some general guidelines for ideal ranges: 

  • pH levels: 7.4 to 7.6
  • Alkalinity: 100 to 150 parts per million
  • Sanitizer levels: these vary depending on the pool sanitizer you decide to use. Your pool’s manufacturer most likely has a recommended treatment.

Step 5: Backwash and clean the pump filter

Backwashing your filter pushes all the built-up sediments through the waste line and drain. This makes sure the debris doesn’t remain inside the filter. You’ll want to do this once a week. If the pump filter looks dirty use a filter cleaner to remove the dirt and grime. You’ll want to replace it every year or two.

Bonus Step: Professional Pool Cleaners

We know this can seem like a really stressful process and we’re here to help. Pool Cleaning Bonita Springs puts you in touch with highly qualified pool technicians. We’ve got the best pool cleaners in town and we’re proud of it. If you want to make sure you get your pool started off on the right foot, we’re happy to come out and double-check everything is in working order. If you just don’t have the time to take care of your new swimming pool, we’re also available for regular cleaning and maintenance. Call us or visit us online for a quote today. We love helping first-time pool owners cannonball into enjoying their new pool.

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